Introducing Freebie Friday….

We Brits love our bargains, so in honour of that I have decided it’s time that we all learn about the lovely freebies available! Every other week, a new post will be featured about my favourite rewards programmes and its benefits. Today the journey begins with Wama Underwear!

All about Wama Underwear

Why Hemp?

Hemp is a well-known natural fibre, mainly used for its health benefits both to our body and your skin. As a textile, it’s anti-bacterial properties help keep your private areas clean and fresh.

At this time, Wama Underwear has two main styles of underwear; boxers and hiphuggers. I have no doubt that in the future these styles will be extended to fit a large array of people. (See photos below)

Benefits of joining the Kickstarter Campaign:

  • Earn FREE underwear – the more friends you get involved; the more prizes you receive
  • Learn about the wonderful benefits of using hemp
  • Join a powerful eco-friendly movement
  • Be the first to know when products go on sale! 

I honestly can’t wait to try out these beautiful undies; fabulous idea & eco-friendly too – what could be better?! 

To join this innovative movement, click here.

Thank you all for taking the time to read about this lovely opportunity, let me know in the comments what you think about Hemp Underwear! Eden x


Cross Stitching, Mental Health & Bonus Needleminder Review

Hello lovelies, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, as you all know, September is one of the most hectic months of the year with the beginning of the new school year and so on. Finally I have the opportunity to tell you about my new found love for cross stitch, plus I have a review of the needle minders sold by Denkai Designs!

What is Cross Stitch?

Cross stitch is a decorative sewing technique which is used by many for making gifts, card decorations, etc. I mainly enjoy cross-stitching because I can continue with it whilst watching TV and socializing with others. Almost anything can be cross stitched, as long as you are able to make it into a chart as shown in this video here. There are many beginners tutorials out there to provide help and all the information you may need to start your own cross stitching journey.

Some of my favourite websites:

Mental Health Benefits

The repetitive motion of stitching in a cross pattern is a form of meditation and really helps for mindfulness. Personally I have found that within the past months that I have been cross stitching, my patience and hand-eye coordination have improved. I have also seen links between my anxiety levels and stitching; I am much more relaxed and level headed when I have been regularly stitching. However, a few weeks ago I neglected my projects and I saw a rapid decline in my mental health.

Denkai Designs Needle Minders


The lovely message I received with my order – thanks Cherise! X
All the needle-minders are individually wrapped and sealed with the lovely logo design stickers. I even got some love heart sweets included!

I originally only ordered the Fairy in a Teacup minder, however I was kindly sent more needleminders in return for an honest review! 

Honestly, when I fist opened the box, I was astonished! The quality of these needle minders, although cheaper than others, are absolutely amazing. I’m quite clumsy at times and can easily drop items so when I dropped my Belle needleminder and accidentally stepped on it, I thought for sure that I had broken it – however it was not affected at all!

Although all the designs are made from different materials, they are all  exceptionally well made with very strong magnets. These needleminders are great for holding patterns onto your work also.

They are all good size, being able to fit more than one needle on, but it is a bit of a squish for the small dragonfly.

The backers (if that is the correct term) are beautifully made and are soft so that when I lay my work on my lap it does not dig in me, but rather sits nicely.

My Stunning Needleminders:

Unfortunately due to this being another designer’s work, this item is no longer for sale.
Fairy in a Teacup
Purple Owl
Sassy Sayings
Paris Cake
Small Dragonfly

Overall Opinion
Would I buy again? Yes – I have many crafty friends who I have Denkai Designs in mind for! 

Would I reccomend to a friend? Hell yeh!

You can buy your needleminders here at the Etsy Store:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this – I’d love to see your own crafty projects so be sure to share them on social media with the hashtag #menstrualcuppiecraft. Don’t forget to check out Denkai Designs on Etsy! Eden, X

Blogger Recognition Award!

I have some super exciting news to share with you all… I have recently been nominated for ‘The Blogger Recognition Award’! Thank you so much Hayley Beth for nominating me – you can all share your support by taking a look at her fabulous site here!


  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show you were nominated and share your reward.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers that you would like to give this reward to.
  • Let them know they have been nominated and provide a link to the post that you created.

Why I began blogging:

If you have read my previous posts you will know that I have struggled with bad periods since I started at the age of 12. At age 16 I have finally began to find the right products that work for me, and want to share my experiences with as many people as possible. Spreading period positivity is my main goal, as well as other health issues we all go through daily. I have always found comfort in writing so blogging seems to be the ideal solution!

Advice for new bloggers:

  • BE YOURSELF – don’t write just about what you think people want to hear, write about things you are passionate about! It comes across in your writing if you are not particularly keen on a subject. BE BRAVE, BE UNIQUE, BE YOU!

  • DON’T STRESS ABOUT STATS Yes, statistics can be a vey useful guide as to how  your content is affecting people, but it can also make you feel worse knowing that you only have a few followers whereas many people have thousands! YOU WILL GET FOLLOWERS EVENTUALLY, AND IT WILL BE DUE TO YOUR HARD WORK.


Thank you everyone who wanted to take part, another special thanks to Hayley Beth for the nomination, now it’s over to the other bloggers! Eden x

LilyCup Review

A while ago I sent an email to Intimina asking to review one of their menstrual cups and I soon received a LilyCup in size A.

Initial Response:

My parcel arrived really quickly and I was very impressed with the way the product was packaged. As you can see in the photo below, the cup itself was individually wrapped so I felt very confident that the product was well looked after and the brand was trusted.

Intimina have two LilyCups available; the LilyCup & the LilyCup Compact, both available in two sizes (A for those who haven’t given birth vaginally / B for those who are over 30 years or have given birth vaginally) and are made of super soft medical grade silicone!

LilyCup: Offers 12hrs protection, no suction holes, slanted rim design, ‘spine’ to help pop open, non spill rim. Recommended for those with medium to heavy flow.

LilyCup Compact: The world’s first collapsible menstrual cup! 12hrs of protection, suction holes, folds into its very own case which you can easily pop into your bag just incase of emergencies. Recommended for those with light to medium flow.

Click here to find out more about the LilyCup features as well as the Intimina Company!

Due to my heavy flow, I chose the original LilyCup, whoever I can definitely see the benefits of having a collapsible cup for emergencies or even for regular use if it can accommodate your flow.

Although I was very concerned (due to my allergies) about the colour of the cup, I found that the dye did not affect me whatsoever -RESULT!

The LilyCup has a much taller body than that of the Mooncup and the LadyCup so I did find that on the first day of my period, when my cervix is very low, the cup had a problem with going up and staying in. However, I had no other issues or difficulties with the size of the cup later on in the week.


Due to the angled design of the body, the suggested method is the ‘push-down’ fold – with the taller side towards the back of your vagina. As a general rule, I use the ‘7’ fold as this is the easiest for me, however this is the first cup that I have ever inserted successfully using the ‘push-down’ method.

As the cup is made out of super silky smooth medical grade silicone, I could hardly feel the LilyCup being inserted. Although there are no suction holes, the ‘spine’ of the cup really helps it to pop open – as long as it is inserted to the correct height. As aforementioned, my cervix and the cup did not get along on the first day so I did have an issue with it popping open then. But to be completely honest, on that same day I went to my go-to menstrual Cup (Mooncup) and my body did not react well to that cup either so I believe it is down to my own body’s fault rather than the menstrual cup.


I was honestly so shocked when I changed my cup after about 2hrs (on my heaviest day) to see that the cup still was only just over half full! If you have read my earlier posts you will know that I have a really heavy flow and have to change way too much on my worst days, however I was so pleased that with this cup that is not the case. I now only have to change about every 4-5 hours whereas with other cups I had to change more frequently; 2-3hrs on my worst day. It may not seem like much of a difference, but for someone who really struggles with their flow, it is the most amazing feeling ever to not have to worry about changing all the time.

Overall Opinion:

Intimina, the Sweedish brand, offers a good range of products from the LilyCup to KegalSmart at affordable prices. The customer service team are absolutely great and fast at feedback. 

Taking all things into consideration:

Would I recommend to a friend? YES

Would I recommend to first-time cup users? YES, the softness of the cup is great for getting used to a menstrual cup with insertion and removal.

Who would I recommend this product to? If you have a high cervix and a heavy flow, this product is for you! 

*However I would suggest the LilyCup Compact for those with a low cervix* 

For more information and to buy your own LilyCup / LilyCup Compact, please visit:

The Real Reason I Left School

Picture this: A young girl in year 9 leaves school. Sounds normal, right? Kids come and go in and out of schools for various reasons. Now picture this: A young girl who is doing academically well and loves learning leaves her grammar school, right in the middle of a term in year 9, to become homeschooled. That sounds a little bit strange, doesn’t it? Well that girl was me, 3 years ago. No doubt you agree with many of my family and friends who severely disapproved of this decision, and even now some still don’t understand. However if they knew the real reason I left, they would agree that it was the best decision of my life!

Before reading any further, please note that I am not promoting any of these health issues mentioned. The purpose of this post is to help explain my thoughts and feelings in the hope that it encourages other people facing similar circumstances.

Having a family history of mental illnesses such as Depression, Bipolar and Anxiety, it’s no surprise that when I hit puberty my mental health was going to seriously overwhelm me. But to be completely honest, I never thought it would take over my whole life!

Your mental health is like going for a swim in the sea; it can be calming and refreshing, or can be very dangerous and before you know it, you’ve drifted far away from the beach. Due to past experiences, I have always been slowly drifting. However, at the time I didn’t realize just how far I’d gone. It took me many years to get in-tune with the way I was feeling and when I finally did, the damage was devastating.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always had a really low immune system so constantly  had to take time off school due to sickness. Going to a grammar school, every thing is fast paced so I had to catch up a ton of work for each time I was off, as well as continue to succeed in learning and challenging myself during lessons daily.  I learned to ignore my feelings and push them to the side because education was more important, or so I thought. One day it was very difficult for me to cope with as schoolwork was really stressful, physically I wasn’t well and due to this my whole mentality shut down. I felt empty, worthless and a failure. I couldn’t keep up with the pressures to succeed at school, and I hated myself for it. My outlook on life was very negative thus I was making my whole families lives miserable, when they had so much to deal with themselves.

My sister, who was 16 at the time, was one of the most intelligent people I knew, so when she became ill (with what we later found out was Glandular Fever) it really hit her hard. As you all know, the last year of school is very important – preparing for GCSE’s can be very stressful so it’s imperative that you prepare well. Although she had a lot of knowledge, she couldn’t concentrate well with all the pain as well as the tiredness. When mental illness looms over, your consideration for others goes out the window. Looking back, I realize how selfish I was to demand all the attention when she was really needing support.

I had been procrastinating going to school so I could finish a piece of homework I was having difficulty with. After a week of missing school, Mum started being firm on me attending again after the weekend – any good parent would. I still to this day don’t know what triggered it, but I went on a rage! I don’t really remember my exact words as it is all a big blur now, but I remember saying that if she made me go to school again, I’d commit suicide. I’m still shocked that I was feeling so strongly depressed that I believed ending my life would be the best solution.

I have constantly battled depression and anxiety daily from that day forward, but mentally I have come a long way from that girl a few years ago, who believed that death was better than life. I still to this day am shocked and disgusted at my behavior, ranting and taking it all out on my family when they were suffering so much themselves. All I can say is that I am truly sorry for any heartache I may have caused, and from now on I look forward with a positive attitude, not blaming myself or others for the way I was feeling.

To anyone who is going through problems and feel like ending it all, I urge you to look to others for support and comfort, and to remember that you are never alone! 

It has been truly difficult to write about my feelings, but after doing so I feel so much better. Want to find out what helped me to keep on going? Look out for more of my posts coming soon about Mental Health! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, please do not hesitate to comment and share your thoughts. You can also get in touch with me via the ‘Contact Me’ section in the menu.

Always remember to stay strong, Eden xx

I Made the Switch and You Can Too!

Thinking about switching to RUMPS but can’t make the decision? Here’s a list of why I made the change, and how you can too!

  • What is RUMPS?

RUMPS is a short way of saying: Reusable Menstrual Products


Having a lot of skin allergies, finding the right product or brand that doesn’t irritate my body was becoming a very tedious task. I managed to find one brand (Bodyform) that worked well with me, however even then certain products affected me. Due to my sensitivity issues, tampons were just too uncomfortable for me and also the thought of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) terrified me!

When I found out about menstrual cups, at first I was very skeptical as to whether it would work for me and my sensitivity issues. After careful research I found that many companies make their cup out of medical grade silicone, which is completely safe to put inside your body. Another bonus is that no TSS cases were connected to the use of menstrual cups – PHEW!

My initial thought about reusable pads was ‘EWW ISN’T THAT UNHYGIENIC?’, but I was easily persuaded that it actually isn’t. Think about it – if we spill drinks down our favourite outfit, do we chuck it in the bin? Or do we rinse, wash and wear again? Clearly, the decision is obvious – so why not do the same with sanitary pads? I have used reusable pantyliners many times, and I cannot recommend them enough! They are super comfy and can hold a lot more than you think. Generally I wear them as a backup for my cup, but I can understand how useful they are as a main form of protection.


Although initially they seem to be more expensive, Menstrual cups being around £20 and pads/pantyliners being about £3-£10 each, in the end they actually save you money. A menstrual cup can last up to 10 years if you take good care of it, and the pads around 5 years. 

I used to buy about two packs of pads each month which costs at least £2 (depending on where you purchase it) so to add it all up, I spent roughly £24 a year. You only need to purchase one menstrual cup every 10 years. The average cup costs £20, so you actually are only spending £2 a year! I honestly can’t speak about the savings when you use reusable pads, due to the fact that I am not an avid user. However, in the future I am planning to grow my reusable pad collection.


On average, women use 20 tampons per cycle which adds up to 240 per year. During her whole lifetime, she will use around 9,690 tampons. Where do these end up? Everywhere. In our bins, our landfills and even washed up on our coastlines. Using a reusable product helps cut down dangerous landfill waste.


There are so many patterns online to make your own pads and even some handy YouTube videos. So why not make the switch today?


I found many of my statistics and info on

  • GladRags – XO Flo, Reusable Pads, etc 


  • Lunapads – Diva Cup, Reusable Pads, Underwear, etc
  • Honour Your Flow – Menstrual Cups, Tampons, Reusable Pads, Breast Pads, etc

Thank you so much for reading my post. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like anymore information or if you have any questions. Eden x

LadyCup Review

Hello Ladies and welcome back to another of my menstrual cup reviews. As you can see from the title, today I am going to be reviewing the… LadyCup!

A couple of months ago I sent an email to the LadyCup company explaining that I have a blog and would be interested in reviewing their products. They kindly sent me a small LadyCup in green as I was unsure whether the colour of the dye would irritate my skin.

Initial Response:

The package arrived quicker than expected and was packaged really well – it even came with a funky little sticker (as seen on the cover photo).

Although both the Mooncup and the LadyCup have a similar size body, the rim is not as pronounced on the LadyCup. Much like the Mooncup, the LadyCup has slanted suction holes for the ease of cleaning. What is very remarkable about the LadyCup is that the suction holes are on two different levels! I was concerned at first whether that would affect the amount of blood it was able to hold but I soon found out that it was not the case.

LadyCup has a very similar bell-like shape to the Lunette. However, what makes the LadyCup very unique is the firmness – near the rim it is really firm but it descends in firmness the further down the cup. I found that this made it super effective for popping open.

The texture of this cup is very smooth and shiny, which really helps with insertion. Near the stem there are a few bumps for grips but I didn’t have use for them. As with the Mooncup, I cut off the stem for added comfort.


I used my preferred insertion technique – the ‘7’ fold method and it literally went in without a fuss. As aforementioned, the texture of the LadyCup is super smooth which added to the ease of insertion. Brilliantly, the shape of the LadyCup body and the firmness of the rim definitely made it easier to ‘pop’ open.


I changed the LadyCup about the same time after insertion as I would do the MoonCup. However, removal proved to be a bit of a struggle! Because of the slippery surface mixed with my slippery hands it was very difficult for me to reach the cup, and once found it kept rising back up.

I decided to have a break from the removal process and look up some suggestions to see what I was doing wrong. I then realised the silly mistake I had been making – I needed to dry my hands each time I gripped the cup of course! No sooner did I do this, the LadyCup came out almost instantly. I found that the LadyCup held about the same amount of blood as my Mooncup so I still have to change frequently due to my heavy flow. However, on saying that, I honestly had no leakages whilst using the LadyCup. This could be due to the fact that I am used to my menstrual cup changing routine but this also could be due to the design of the LadyCup.

TIP #1: Keep a few sheets of toilet roll near your side or on your lap so you can repeatedly dry off your fingers and the bottom of the cup to make removal much more easier.

TIP #2: Because of the firmness of the rim, I definitely suggest you use the ‘hot dog in a bun’ method for removal. You can find it on Precious Stars Pads’ YouTube Page. She is a brilliant young woman who offers so much support and help to women exploring different menstrual products. She even has her own online store (

Overall Opinion:

The LadyCup company, based in the Czech Republic, have a team of absolutely lovely people. They were kind enough to help answer any quiries I had, and gave fast feedback. I especially admire all the different colours and bags that each cup comes in and the deals are absolutely brilliant! They also provide products such as the: LadyP, LadyPads, LadyWipes, LadyProtectors and much more!

Taking all things into consideration:

Would I recommend to a friend? YES

Would I recommend for first-time cup users? NO, it can be very slippery when removing – it takes a lot of practise. 

Who would I recommend this product to? I would definitely recommend this product if you are having problems with leaking, or if you are experienced with a menstrual cup and are looking to spice up your collection with some really funky colours and fancy patterned bags.

For more information and to buy your own LadyCup, please visit:

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read my review on the LadyCup. Please comment if you have any suggestions on how I can improve. Thanks again, Eden 🙂 x

Skincare and Makeup

Tropic Skincare Body Washes

I’m sure you’ll all agree that during your period your body is outraged – spots/cramps/eczema and tired eyes are the most frequent things I experience. Although I generally always have patches of eczema, they are about 10 times worse during my time of the month. Having very dry, sensitive skin as well as allergies (red fruit and some pink/red dyes), I have to be super careful about what products I use – it also doesn’t help that my skin is paper white – even the lightest shades are usually too dark for me.

Today I am going to discuss the products that I have found to be brilliant and effective for me. Not only do these boost my outward appearance, but overall make me feel much more confident when facing the world.

My Two Go-To Brands Are:

Tropic Skincare


Tropic Skincare:

Tropic is a company which provides natural and cruelty free skincare and makeup. Lord Alan Sugar is associated with Tropic Skincare and I believe he has a share of its earnings. Tropic provides a range of makeup, however I only wear lipstick on a day-to-day basis, but because of my allergies I am unable to use their coloured lip products. Below are the products I currently use in my daily skincare routine.

Bamboo Cloth: This self-cleansing cloth can be used anywhere, everywhere and anytime you like. As long as you rinse your bamboo cloth after each use and hand wash with a mild soap/detergent once or twice a week, it will last you for a while.

Smoothing Cleanser: After washing my face with my bamboo cloth and warm water, I use a pea-sized portion, rub it into the tips of my fingers and apply to my damp face. Because I have a lot of eczema around my eyebrows and eyelids, I apply it there too but this isn’t really necessary.

Vitamin Toner (Pore Refining Mist): Once my face has dried, I use this amazing toner to close my pores. Usually toners irritate my skin and make my eczema worse, however within the two months of using this at least once a day, I have found that with Tropic this isn’t the case. Because this contains Cranberry Extract, I avoid my eyes whilst using this so I spray a few times into my hands, rub together and then apply. I usually wait a few minutes for it to dry before moving onto the next step.

Skin Revive (Nourishing Cream Concentrate): With this product, a little goes a long way so I only use a tiny smidge on the tips of my fingers, rub together and apply. Again, I avoid my eyes as this contains Raspberry Seed Oil.

Organic Elixir: In the final step to my routine, I apply a few drops onto my fingertips, rub together and apply to my whole face – including my eyes. Honestly this oil is so good, whenever I feel like my face is getting dry, I apply this and my face feels so hydrated.

Wild Mint, Lime and Pineapple Body Wash: Having sensitive skin, I was really sceptical about this product and its use for me. I can honestly say I was proven wrong, when in the shower, I squirt a generous amount into the palm of my hand and apply, concentrating on my arms and legs. Once I’m all washed, I feel so fresh and my skin is not as dry as it usually is.

You can purchase all these products mentioned here at:

Emma Moore is a genuine, lovely lady who has been so helpful in providing me with products tailored for my needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her.


Younique’s products are all natural and cruelty free. The CEOs Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft also run The Younique Foundation.

What is ‘The Younique Foundation’?

‘We inspire hope in women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents by hosting them at a retreat, where they are uplifted by each other and learn skills that can help them find individual healing.

We educate parents and empower them to protect their children from sexual abuse while leading a public dialogue to bring the epidemic of abuse to light.’

For more information please go to:

Younique Products:

Foundation/BB Cream: Younique’s foundation has often been referred to liquid gold. The coverage of both the BB cream and the foundation are absolutely incredible, whilst feeling very light on the skin. Although I have not personally tried these products, I have seen them in action on my good friend Suzie. When Suzie swapped foundation for BB cream one day, I couldn’t even tell!

Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer: I use this concealer in the shade Scarlet (the lightest). A little definitely goes a long way with this product – one smooth application provides so much covering and definitely does conceal my spots/acne. With cheap brands of concealer, I find that they do not do my shade and the coverage is very minimal – I have to put a lot of layers on for it to even begin to make my acne disappear. This product went on smoothly around my nose, mouth and cheeks but I did find that when I put it on my forehead it went scaly. However I believe that this is not due to the product’s fault but my own – my forehead dries out really quickly so scaling is expected to some degree.

Splash Liquid Lipstick – Spellbound & Spontaneous: Spellbound is an absolutely gorgeous deep purple colour (see above for images), and Spontaneous is a stunning dark berry.

Spellbound did not seem to suit my face tone, rather it seemed to drown me out. If you have pale skin and prefer a high contrast between your skin and your face then this is the perfect product for you, but I believe that people with darker skin shade’s would benefit more from this colour.

On the other hand, Spontaneous was the perfect match for me – I found that it really compliments my natural skin tone and the colour makes me really happy (weird, right!).

As for the quality of the liquid lipstick, the colours are very vivid but I haven’t really worn them for a long period of time so an unable to review how long they stay on for. The wand is a brilliant shape with a slight curve and tip at the end which makes the application so much easier.

You can buy all the products mentioned here at:

Suzie Edwards is a wonderful woman who constantly posts live tutorials and product information videos. At the moment she has an amazing offer to all local makeup enthusiasts – you can borrow her whole kit for a few days! This includes: skincare, brushes, the famous 3D lashes kit and a whole lot more. For more information, visit her facebook page (mentioned below).

Get In Touch:

Facebook Page: Experimental Menstrual

Instagram: experimental_menstrual

Tropic Skincare (Emma Moore) Facebook Page: Tropic Skincare with Emma Moore

Instagram: tropicskincarewithemmam

Younique (Suzie Edwards) Facebook Page: Younique by Suzie E

Instagram: behappyhealthyconfident

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post, I look forward to trying out new things in the future, Eden x

Disclaimer: All images used are not my own and go to their respective owners.


Mooncup Review

I have been using the Mooncup Menstrual Cup for at least 4 cycles now and have totally got the hang of it. (Not gonna lie, I’m a bit of an expert now 😉). Other than the fact that you have to get more up and personal with your body, it’s pretty easy to use.

For those of you who don’t know what a menstrual cup is, its an alternative to a tampon; rather than absorb your bodily fluids it collects them.

Taking the Mooncup on a dry run

Whilst looking at reviews of other people using the Mooncup, I noticed a suggestion that was common in all of them – do a dry run first to get used to insersion and removal. So, What is a ‘dry run’? A dry run is where you practise inserting the menstrual cup when you’re not on your period. I used this method and it actually really helped prepare me on how to insert and remove it.

What I learned from my dry run is:

  • Insertion whilst on the toilet is more comfortable. Because you’re squatting, your vaginal canal is shorter – thus making insertion and removal much easier. I tried squatting normally and in the shower but it just didn’t work for me so the throne is the go-to!
  • It slides in easier if it’s lubricated. Although your vagina is naturally lubricated, it helps just that little bit extra to lubricate it. To do this all I did was run the outside of the cup (especially the rim) under some warm tap water.
  • Make sure your hands are dry. If your hands are slippy whilst trying to insert/remove you’re not going to get a good grip on the Mooncup. Either you’ll have a bloody mess or you’ll be dropping it everywhere when you’re trying to put it in.
  • Look up other folding methods if you’re having trouble inserting.  I found that the ‘C’ fold was too large for me, the ‘push-down’ fold was very awkward to hold but the ‘7’ fold worked great.
  • When the rim gets near the enterance of your vagina, slightly tilt the cup so only one side of the rim comes out first. You may need to slightly fold the cup also because removal can be painful if the rim comes out as one.
  • The stem may need trimming. The stem was causing discomfort to me so I ended up cutting it off and since then I feel nothing when it is placed correctly.

Using the Mooncup officially

As aforementioned, doing a dry-run really helped. When I finally did get my period, insertion was a breeze. I used a back-up pad just incase I hadn’t positioned it right but once it was in I could not feel the Mooncup at all!

Taking it out the first time was absolutely awful. Even though I had practiced, removing the cup whilst it has got liquid in is a whole different story. Trying to grip the cup whilst full is very difficult – most of the time I ended up pushing it back in. Thankfully, other people have experienced this so I used their brilliant suggestion of using your vaginal muscles to help bring the cup down. This worked a treat and all I had to do was get the rim out and empty it. Let me tell you; easier said than done – I pulled it out with the rim still open and it hurt like hell! Fear not though because the next time removing it I folded the rim and tilted it out gradually and gently and viola pain-free removal!

One thing that you absolutely must do for the first few times whilst using a cup is wear a backup pad/panty liner. I got a bit too confident after the first day of no spotting in my pants so decided not to wear one overnight. SPOILER ALERT: BAD IDEA. Ok so that was an understatement – I woke up to a murder scene! That was down to no fault of the cup but my own – I knew it wasn’t in right because it felt weird but decided to ignore it. Here’s another great tip: listen to your body, if you can feel it, chances are it’s in wrong. You shouldn’t be able to feel it at all once it’s in correctly so definitely reposition it if it’s uncomfortable.

Here’s the link to the YouTube video that helped me to position the cup correctly:

Overall Opinion

On the whole, I absolutely love the Mooncup. If I had to fault it, the only thing I can think of is that it has a significantly large rim. However, I have managed to use the cup without pain so the rim is no longer an issue for me.

Also the Mooncup company are excellent with feedback on questions, product info and help. They also have a team of medical experts which gives me confidence in the quality and safety of this menstrual cup. On the website there is a contact number which you can phone up if your having trouble and they will talk you through it.

Taking all things into consideration:

Would I reccommend to a friend? YES

Would I reccommend for first-time cup users? YES

You can buy yours here at:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review, Eden 🙂






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